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Power grid construction

halozatepites.jpgThe core activity of our company is the installation, implementation of various low and medium voltage electrical networks and systems. We are qualified entrepreneurs of all electricity suppliers currently operating in Hungary (E.ON, NKM, ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ). The high qualification of our colleagues, our extensive fleet of equipment, our power supplier qualifications and our framework contracts allow us to provide our customers with a complex offer.


Our main areas of implementation:

Construction of supplier power grids

Construction of low and medium voltage networks for Power grid
Licensees under framework agreements.

optika.jpgConstruction of low and medium voltage
adaptation work required for setting up
a low voltage system

Our company has many years of experience in standardizing the power supply grids required for different low-voltage systems. We undertake the survey of the network sections designated for use, the preparation of the cost-estimates necessary for the decision, the execution of the placement and adaptation plans. Thanks to our FAM (under-voltage) working certifications our company also has offer for low-voltage bracket equipment installation and touch-protection connections for these brackets.


vasut.jpgElectrical installation work for infrastructure construction

Our company has proven itself as a subcontractor in several road and railway construction works of hungarian national importance. Our work typically involves the replacement and construction of various public utility power equipment, the supply of electrical power to operational equipment (eg, industrial communications, railway safety equipment), and the design and construction of railroad lighting.