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About Us


Our company was founded in 2003 as a family business under the name of Simó Villamossági Ltd., which at that time was mainly working in electrical installation. Since 2007, the number of staff and equipment has been constantly expanding with the expansion of the scope of activities.
In 2014, it acquired the Konzum Tüzép site in Pécs, which includes, among other, a warehouse of over 1,000 m2 and a three-storey office building with a floor size of 120 m2.

As a general successor since 2015, our company has been active in the energetic market under the name SMHV Energetika Kft.
Currently our main activity is the design, installation and operation of low and medium voltage networks, public lighting and solar systems. Installation of consumer connectors, meter-changing activities, civil engineering and energy trading.

Company information:

  •     seat: 7630 Pécs, Pécsváradi street 10.
  •     tax number: 13103646-2-02
  •     company reg. number: 02-09-068888
  •     date of registration: 15.10.2003.
Our organization has implemented and has certified its Integrated Management System by an Independent Internationally Accredited Certification Organization based on ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management, ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards.

Business Management


  • Dezső Horváth: managing director
  • Csenge Horváth: HR ans finance manager
Organizational development
  • Péter Simó: corporate controller

Business units

  • Rudolf Szabó: energy trading
  • Gábor Gerber: public lighting
  • Gábor Gerber: electric meter location activities
  • Zoltán Mariczki: consumer grid connection installation

Business activities

Design and construction of consumer grid connectors at E.ON Kaposvár and Szekszárd regions, based on a framework contract.
Performing consumer electric meter replacements, cutoffs and reconnects in the E.ON area under a framework contract.
Performing consumer electric meter replacements in the NKM area under a framework contract.
Design and construction of low and medium voltage networks in the area of E.ON Szekszárd Plant and NKM, based on framework contract.
Design and implementation of solar power systems.
Planning and implementation of street lighting modernization.
Operation and maintenance of public lighting in 28 settlements throughout the country.
Reconstruction of power and lightning protection systems, electrical conversion and renovation works in the area of FGSZ Zrt., Based on framework contract.
Designing and executing adaptation works on low-current systems based on a framework contract.
Energy trading.

Professional competences, supply of professionals

The company currently employs 93 people. Along with the increase in the number of employees, the range of works that can be performed by the company has increased with the knowledge of the colleagues and the continuous training and development.
Of the above staff, 55 are physically employed and are mainly electrical qualified:
  • working under voltage (FAM qualification);
  • grid management qualification;
  • cable installation qualification.

Our machinery is operated by qualified staff.

Most technicians have the following qualifications:

  • technical manager;
  • designer;
  • engineers.

Fleet of vehicles and equipment

The company's fleet currently consists of more than 65 vehicles and equipment:

  • 2 vehicles with crane;
  • 9 vehicles with baskets;
  • machinery, earthmovers;
  • freight and groupage vehicles;
  • compressors, asphalt cutters, road drilling equipment;
  • roller.