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Public lighting modernization


LED modernization of public lighting has become a clear symbol
of sustainability, awareness and development worldwide. In the
European context, Hungary is also a leader in the modernization
of public lighting. The opportunity is obvious, as settlements can
save up to 30-40% by upgrading the public lighting system
energetically, and they also make a major contribution to a more
liveable, modern living environment.

In parallel with the rise in energy prices, the high operating costs
of obsolete lighting equipment have made it clear that economy
and efficiency are crucial to the economic competitiveness of
municipalities, and the idea of a more liveable, modern living
environment has also come to the fore.

Our team, with many years of experience and outstanding professional background, provides market-leading services to municipalities and businesses.

Main benefits and features of LED lighting:
  • extremely high lifespan over 15 years;
  • low power consumption even at high performance;
  • light output up to 125 Lm/W;
  • no power-on "warm-up", continuously gives 100% of the brightness;
  • wide operating range (-40C ° - +50C °);
  • low maintenance cost (no bulb replacement).